About Me

I am the luckiest wife and mommy on this planet. My partner in crime Yazzy & Betty Kat are the kitty kat’s meow!

My happy place is with my Canon 5D Mark ll at sunset when everything is glowing with light.

I love to sing! My claim to fame was playing Adelaide in my high school production of Guys and Dolls. I’m a *total* Gleek and cry every time I watch Glee.

My grandfather always told me,  “Take it in stride, gal.”  And my favorite place to stride is in my old skool purple puma roller skates …add disco music and I’m flying! I think *anything* would look awesome mirror tiled.

I heart Madonna.

I’m at my best when yoga and mediation are in my mix.

My iPhone calls me Princess Super Star. Obviously,  I’m a goof ball.

Quotes I love: “She believed she could and she did.” & “Smiling is my favorite.”

I am a photographer ~ But please remember this is also my business~ And I take that as seriously as my photography.